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Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 15-05-09 Transforming learning environments with Heart of America

2023 Winner

Over the past 25 years, Heart of America has worked towards education equity by renovating almost 1,000 spaces in: classrooms, libraries, STEAM labs, college/career centers, school gymnasiums and community centers and more. They have provided current resources including over 4.4 million books, and infused over $9.5 million in technology.


To learn more about Heart of America, please visit

Past Prize Recipients

2022 Recipient

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2021 Recipient

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2020 Recipient

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2019 Recipient

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2018 Recipient

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2017 Recipient

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“We are honored to receive the Chapman Prize for 2021. This award will benefit generations of people who are touched by disability, either personally or through a family member or friend. The Chapman Prize will quite simply allow us to serve more people and positively impact their lives.”

- Michele Bennyhoff

Director of PRIDE Industries Foundation

“We are honored and deeply grateful to receive the 2019 Chapman Prize to help advance our mission to create an inclusive financial system that empowers women, immigrants, and minority small business owners.”
                 - Luz Urrutia
    CEO of Opportunity
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