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Established through the Daniel and Barbara Chapman Trust, the Chapman Prize recognizes and honors each year the efforts and achievements of individuals and organizations in the U.S. who make significant contributions to American society.

The award will focus on a different theme each year, selected from the following: Health & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Economic Prosperity, or Educational Success.


Approximately $100,000 will be awarded each year. 

Applicants must be either a U.S. citizen or U.S.–based nonprofit, have been conducting charitable work for at least three years, and be able to show demonstrated impact in the selected focus area of the year in which the application is submitted in order to qualify.

Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company in Alexandria, Virginia serves as

trustee of the Daniel and Barbara Chapman Trust.

Chapman Prize 2023 Theme:

Educational Success

Awarded to a charitable individual or organization who has contributed most significantly to the improvement of students' long-term educational advancement and/or career preparation in the United States. By way of example, contributions may include early childhood education and school readiness, supportive school environments and positive behavioral developments, programs that create digital age learning environments for underrepresented populations, and/or higher education preparedness outreach.

Educational Success


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Review the eligibility requirements before applying, as unqualified applicants will not be considered.

Download the application guide to ensure all components are ready when submitting the application.

There is no saving capability for the online applications, so it must be completed in one session. 
applicants will not be considered.

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